The Tax Man Cometh: California Breast Cancer Research Program



Yet another in the alphabet soup of breast cancer organizations, right? Wrong!

There are countless organizations – and even more letters – in the world of breast cancer. A few stand out, and this is one of them! The CBCRP is much like the DOD’s CDMRP (aka “the DOD”), for those familiar with THAT effort. It is a California state research program that seeks to fund breast cancer research that is, in many ways, unique to California. With our unique perspective, diverse environments and ethnic diversity, we can do things other states can’t. CBCRP has two foci – investigator-driven research and program-initiatives objectives. CBCRP funds high-risk, high-reward research throughout the state.

I am honored to serve on the committee that helps administer the program, and I have a front row to the unique research we fund. CBCRP priorities include a focus on addressing primary prevention, understanding breast biology, and improving detection, treatment, survival and outcomes. There is a particular interest in the role of and unequal burden from environmental exposures, as well. Additional, CBCRP places a premium on the involvement of advocates in research, and reserves funds for community-initiated proposals.

It is the largest state-funded initiate of its kind!


California residents, please consider a contribution via your state income tax. You’ll find the California Breast Cancer Research Program as “code 405” on your return. While the program is primarily funded by the state tobacco tax, as you can imagine, those funds diminish each year.

If you’re a California advocate, please consider registering with the program to offer your expertise to researchers. Grants REQUIRE the involvement of advocates, and CBCRP leads the way in defining our role in scientific research.

If you’re an out-of-state advocate, there are opportunities to participate in peer review. To avoid conflict-of-interest concerns, grants are always reviewed by out-of-state scientists and advocates. If you’re interested, email me.




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa DeFerrari
    Apr 05, 2016 @ 12:35:31

    Hi, Lori. It’s really surprising that the CBCRP isn’t better known than it is. It’s funding some important research, including the research on environmental impacts that you mentioned. I’ve served on several panels as a patient advocate reviewer and it’s always been an incredible experience.


    • Lori
      Apr 09, 2016 @ 09:12:35

      I agree, Lisa – it’s a very strong program with exceedingly low overhead, and the ability to retool for emerging ideas. CBCRP is constantly evaluating where dollars can most effectively be spent in the context of research that can be done uniquely well in California. Thanks for your work on the review end! All scientific review is done by out-of-state reviewers to minimize the juggling involved in conflict of interest concerns.


  2. The Accidental Amazon
    Apr 06, 2016 @ 09:04:28



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