I Haven’t Time

antipinkribbonI know, I know…I’ve been quiet again. Here’s the thing – when I’m quiet it’s almost always good news. I’m feeling well, and my treatments are manageable and my tumor markers seem to be dropping. I’m engaged in family, advocacy and real life. I just finished watching the presidential debates, and tonight my concern for our country rises above my concern for breast cancer. Right now I’m juggling @CancerBase – the global, real-time cancer map, the MBC Collateral Damage study with the Dr Susan Love Research Foundation, #BCSM, and serving as vice chair of the California Breast Cancer Research Program. All exceedingly exciting opportunity that keep me out of trouble… I LOVE what I’m doing!

Typically this time of year engulfs me. I can hardly come up for air amidst the insane pink marketing. But this time around, I honestly don’t care. I don’t have time to indulge corporate marketing in a debate about the scant funding that pink marketing offers, let alone how MBC patients are left in the dust. Does this matter? YES. But I can’t care about those who are leveraging pink to line their pockets. I’m never going to beat Madison Avenue. Hopefully, someday, they will figure out they are not on the side of right.

Is this all ok? NO

Is it shameful? YES

But for me, there’s real work to be done.  Critical, life-changing, life-affirming, life-saving work to be done. PinktTober isn’t my issue these days. Family, advocacy and living are. So please excuse me if PinkTober doesn’t speak to me. I can’t continue to be outraged.  Understand if I bow out of the hostility, anger and resentment that others harbor for Breast Cancer Awress month. I’m too busy. I haven’t time



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 3laine 3liane
    Sep 27, 2016 @ 04:34:00

    So many important, worthy things on your plate. Sometimes the best way to deal with outrageous nonsense is by filling the space with better alternatives. You remind me I need to follow cancer base better – such a cool thing. Wishing you lots and lots of good days. Your advocacy really helps ! ❤


  2. Kathleen Hoffman, PhD
    Sep 27, 2016 @ 14:47:22

    So thrilled that you are well and that the project we discussed has moved in the right direction. Live and love as you see fit! hugs to you as well!


  3. jbaird
    Sep 27, 2016 @ 18:16:35

    Very well said, Lori. With the relatively short time I have left in this world, my focus is on family, friends, living, and giving hope to those who need encouragement and seek advice or a shoulder to cry on. Anger and outrage don’t speak to me so much these passing days. Kudos to you and all you stand for. The poem you shared is beautiful and timeless. xxx


    • Lori
      Sep 27, 2016 @ 18:30:42

      Jan! I hear exactly what you mean. I need to live in support and love as well. Hope you’re feeling good, and that your days are long and meaning-filled. XO


  4. The Accidental Amazon
    Nov 05, 2016 @ 09:18:11

    If I’m late commenting on this, it’s because I can so relate!! I’m frankly glad that pain in the butt known as Pinktober is over. Now, if we can only keep our sanity through next Tuesday (Election Day)… Priorities. Oh, yes. xoxo


    • Lori
      Nov 05, 2016 @ 09:42:54

      Sadly, I’m even more worried about my sanity AFTER Tuesday. I’ve we’ve learned anything this election, it’s how fragmented our nation has grown. I have focused my prayers on healing…


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