HR 5937 & National BRA Day – Seriously, I Couldn’t Even Make This Stuff Up!

This month saw the introduction of a bill to require all breast cancer patients be given information about their reconstructive choices. This bill is enthusiastically backed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a group that has also launched…I kid you not…National Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day to bring awareness. Personally, I think the crux of the issue is stated quite clearly in the opening paragraph of their press release: “However, only 33 percent of eligible women with breast cancer undergo breast reconstruction…” Ca-ching.

I will be sending the letter that follows to members of Congress…both those who represent me and those I have come to know, urging them to THINK sensibly. I will also be contacting BRA Day spokeswoman Jewel, urging her to RETHINK this insulting, pejorative effort. For more in the blogosphere check out Nancy’s fantastic post at Nancy’s Point.


Breast Cancer Action

For many who are serious about ending the breast cancer epidemic, Breast Cancer Action is near and dear to our hearts. BCA takes on some of the hardest issues related to breast cancer: from socio-economic status as a risk factor, to root causes in the environment and beyond.If you are not famliar with their work, please keep reading! Thanks to BCA Membership Coordinator Caitlin Carmody for today’s post.

Breast Cancer Action was founded in 1990 by a group of fierce and angry women who were living with and dying from metastatic breast cancer. They’d grown frustrated and angry. They wanted unbiased, comprehensive information to help them understand their diagnoses and treatment options instead of the inadequate and superficial information given to them. Together, in response to their shared anger, they formed Breast Cancer Action around a kitchen table. Today only one of those eight women is alive. BCAction proudly and fiercely continues the work they began. We are a national, grassroots organization with over 40,000 members who take action to end the epidemic. Our mission goes far beyond the notion of “the cure” to tackle the root causes of this disease and the pressing issues that must be addressed to make the systemic changes necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic. More

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