MBC: Let’s Change The Conversation


I’ve been dreading this post since I first learned about “Metastatic Breast Cancer Day.” As bad as pink is during the month of October, this is actually worse.

  • It’s worse because it reminds me that we are STILL losing women, and men, to breast cancer at a horrifying rate of nearly 40,000 lives a year.
  • It’s worse because so few people, even people with early-stage breast cancer, actually understand mets.
  • It’s worse because a paltry 3% of all the breast cancer research funds are invested to help the 30% of us who comprise the nearly 100% that die from the disease.
  • And it’s worse because today is my son’s birthday.

I’ve laid low on MBC Awareness Day because he takes this hard enough, and because, in truth, every day is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day around here. Every day is a day when we think about my meds, my stress level, my exercise, my eating…every day we seek ways to prolong my life.

However, this MBC Awareness Day YOU can help. METAVivor is a wonderful organization focused specifically on research. 100% — yes, 100% — of the funds raised go directly to metastatic-specific research projects. They do not have a staff person and they are run by the AMAZING Dian “CJ” M. Corneliussen-James (@CJMeta) Grants are awarded through a peer-review process that includes consumer advocates. This is the real deal, an organization that walks the walk. It’s small, but mighty. It is the antidote to Pinktober, and you can help it grow.

During the month of October, MBC AWARE is raising funds AND awareness of MBC through a broad social media campaign. It is so easy…click the link above. From there, each action is worth a $1…share on FB, tweet, and more. And do it daily.

While you’re online, if you have a few more minutes, read about METAVivor – you need to know about them!

Take away: if you do 2 things this Pinktober, reach out to someone who has mets to let them know you care and click to support Metavivor. And then feel good about leaving the pink crap at the store.

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